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5 Reasons To Consider Bedian Road For Your Next Property Purchase

Lahore – a city that is not only known for its parks and horticulture but for the architectural advancements in residential sector. The city has many options for the real estate investors to put their investment into a housing scheme, generate a stable income stream or make their lifestyle lavish by residing into that scheme. But our today’s take is on Bedian Road that houses many housing schemes and farmhosues and we’ll see how this road is not just acts as a path to let you commute but more than that. As a real estate marketing consultants, we’ve observed that Bedian road has been transformed into something symbolic than just a passage. So let’s see how it benefits us and what this particular road of Lahore has to offer to the real estate investment sector of Pakistan.




Do you travel by air frequently? I mean in that you case, your priority would be to find a location (either commercial or residential) that is near to the airport. Among the routes connecting to Allama Iqbal Airport, Bedian road is one of the ideal one offering shortest distance. And if you reside there (or have business), you are more likely to find the airport distance shortest in comparison to other routes. This gives Bedian road a plus point when we measure an ideal location in terms of distance to important places like airport.




Again, if you belong to the business class of Lahore then buying a plot for sale in one of the schemes situated at Bedian roads can do wonder for you. Think it with a different perspective and start counting the areas it connects you with. You find easy access to majority of DHA’s phases through Bedian road. Also, it is not farther than Walton area which is the house of many renowned factories including Pak Elektron Limited, Pak Tile Industry and Azko Nobel Pakistan Limited Factory. Also, Bedian road offers you shortest distance to reach other businesses that hold significant value for you to grow and prosper in your industry. So owning a commercial property somewhere at Bedian road can enable you to remain connected with important areas within this part of the city.




If you’re planning to own a residential property that is away from city’s crowd and nuisance then, again, you get a pretty nice chance to achieve this objective. I mean, Bedian road connects you with many known and safe housing schemes in Lahore including Paragon City, Askari 11, DHA Phase 3 & 5, and Spring Meadow. All of the above mentioned housing schemes have completed the development phase and there you can find an ideal deal to purchase a villa meeting your standards.




Bedian road can also prove an ideal location for you if you, by any chance, are running a business that falls in agriculture. There, at Bedian road, you’ll find many farmhouses including Karbath Farmhouses, Arch Farmhouses, BRB Ranches, Green Vista and Midland. Apart from that, you can also find a suitable farmhouse location in societies like Thethar Farmhouses and Sofia Farms. Price is not the issue as these farm housing schemes have kept their price range within your purchasing power.

We do hope that these facts would have helped you in seeing Bedian road as more than a passage but an ideal option to consider a property for residence, business or agricultural activities. You may speak with one of our property experts on +92 42 37188542-3 +92305-62222-81-4 and get more information about societies situated on Bedian road now.

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