a) Staffing:

Konstructmarketing has the potential to do sales for almost any Real Estate Project. Be it a High Rise or a Residential Town, we have the skills to deliver results every time.

Our core expertise in selling a project is basically due to our staffing experience. We undergo the best standards and practices to ensure we have right people to represent your project to the world.


  • Hiring the best talented salesman
  • Training them to handle the audience
  • Apply abilities to generate sales
  • Keep project information confidential

b) Project Sales:

Konstruct Marketing has the unique yet extreme abilities to sell off a Real Estate Project. Our experience in the market has helped us find a reliable network of customers who belong to different sections of the industry. These customers always take keen interest in taking part on sales of any project which is under the banner of konstructmarketing

Our prime audience for direct customer sales includes:

  • Investors
  • Rent out customers
  • Direct users/ residents
  • Brand Facilitators/ Site dealers

Our established name in the industry allows us to take control of your real estate project and make it saleable based on the services and facilities on offer.

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