a) Market Study & Target Audience Based Identification:

Every project is unique and although basic needs of an end user stay consistent, still the added facilities can be something which can make or break any project in real estate.

b) Project Features & Highlight its Specifications:

We strongly believe in the concept of Project Features & Highlights Specification. If the features are not identified and highlighted, a project can never be successful.

c) Media Planning:

Our media planning is ahead of any other real estate project marketing company in Pakistan. From concepts to copywriting till prices, we are doing the best in this domain. We draft the most balanced media plans which keep the project in news.

We have a complete lifecycle of Media Planning which allows us to make the project a   ” Word of Mouth” marketing success.

Our experience in the business has helped us learn that a few major stakeholders are involved when a media campaign has to be run for a real estate project marketing campaign. These are:

  • Advertisers (Manufacturing/Service-based Companies)
  • Media & Advertising Agencies
  • Program Content Developers & Marketers
  • Web Development Team

We ensure to create sync between all these stakeholders from the initial planning till final execution of the media plan. This segment of marketing campaign involves a lot of responsibility plus reliable people who can take complete ownership of everything. From copy writing of Content, Presentations, till design and production of Print Collateral, our Graphics team and vendors work as a dedicated unit of professionals. Our web team is pixel freak, and looks to capture.

d) Telemarketing:

A highly trained and objective oriented team of professional telemarketing staff of Konstruct Marketing is active for the clients 24/7. The telemarketing team provides complete backup support to the clients, investors and customers.

e) Global Representation:

Representatives of Konstruct Marketing are ready to serve the clients across the country as well as around the globe. With bases in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Ireland, USA and UK, Konstruct Marketing has successfully developed a huge network of international real estate marketing.

f) Beyond Traditional Marketing:

Projects are presented to selected segments of buyers through Gatherings, Events, including:

  • Seminars
  • Media Briefings
  • Corporate Hi-Tea Events
  • Site Entertainment Event

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