I’m excited and happy to be here! I’ve always felt privileged to work with inspired individuals and firms during my professional career. I have been working in Real Estate industry from the last 25 years. It has been an extraordinary experience. What matters the most for me are the relationships that have been developed along the way. The satisfaction of successful results, created awesome opportunities beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I believe in the concept of a “Sustainable Social Contract with consumers or clients”. To understand that you have to participate and engage in the environment in which we live. There is an old saying “when we plant a tree, it’s not for us, but to create shade for our children”. I’m passionate about the challenges and opportunities that are possible for all of us in this country. I have a tag line for my working projects that simply states: “Together…Let’s make Something Wonderful Happen” and with hard work, it usually does.

On a Personal Note: It’s time for a sustainable change. Choose whole living products and services and renewable energy source and supply. We have a choice as consumers. Our choices at home and work impacts People, Planet and our Prosperity. Peace

Mian Zaheer Ahmed
CEO Konstruct Marketing



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