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5 Essentials For Selecting Housing Schemes in Lahore On Installments

Lahore hosts millions of families within its ever spreading boundaries and majority is of tenants that aspire to have a permanent residence someday. With the facility of purchasing house on installment, this hope appears to be achievable for those with limited income source but there are some aspects that shouldn’t overlook. When embarking on the journey to find the best Housing Schemes In Lahore On Installments, you must keep these essential features in mind as we’ve mentioned below. As a real estate marketing company, Konstruct Marketing believes that the below mentioned aspects of a housing scheme would help you in finding the right society to purchase your plot and realize the dream of a permanent residence in Lahore.




Different housing schemes have set variable percentage of booking payment for the prospective buyers. Your duty as a buyer is to find the housing society that allows you to pay according to your budget when booking a plot. What I mean here is that you shouldn’t be bound to pay 40-50 percent of total plot price which might not be favorable if you have limited budget. Ideally, you should consider those housing schemes in Lahore on installments that offer you the freedom to pay any percentage of total amount as a booking payment and adjust the remaining in plot installment price. This way, you can book your ideal plot even with small fraction of total price of the land.




Limited funds would not be the case always in every buyer’s scenario as some of you might have enough cash in hand to purchase the plot on the spot. The question remains, what are you getting in return when paying the plot price in full? I mean, your second selection metric for considering housing schemes in Lahore on installments should be to see if you’re getting any discounts when paying full price of the plot. Speak with the representative of that housing scheme, check out their website or reread the marketing collateral that contains all the information regarding plot pricing and discounts for cash payments.




The third in our list of ‘essential features’ of housing schemes in Lahore on installments is the installment plan. Keep in mind that you’re opting for plot purchasing on installment due to limited budget so the installment plan shouldn’t be so strict for you. Usually, there is a 36 months plan for a plot that proves feasible if you pay about 40-50 percent amount of the plot. But if you opt for 10-15 percent booking price, this installment tenure wouldn’t work in your favor. So you should select that housing scheme that is willing to extend the installment duration to 48-60 months.




We spoke about the booking price, installment plans and discounts on cash payments so far. Let’s explore the most important aspect of evaluating the housing schemes in Lahore on installments. Try visiting the site for yourself before making your final call to evaluate the security measurements. This is essential because you’d be living at that place in few years with your family and their security is your primary duty. You may ask the representative to arrange for a site tour and show you each nuke and corner of the scheme so you can have a better picture of the society in terms of security measurements and see how much attention the developers have given to the security aspect of the society.




You’re planning to purchase a plot in one of the best housing schemes in Lahore on installment but have you planned about the construction of your house? If you pay for the plot for next 5 years and get possession upon installment tenure completion, you’d need 2 more years to satisfactorily complete the construction of your house before you move in, right? This whole process would take about 7 years in total and that is quite a long time to wait until you shift into your own house. Ideally, you should select that housing scheme that gives you land possession once you pay about 50 percent of total land price. Construct your house while paying for the land in installments and enjoy the peace of your own residence simultaneously.

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