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4 Benefits Of Housing Schemes In Lahore On Installments

As the city welcomes a latest constructional trend, many people are embarrassing the new lifestyle offered by the new Housing Schemes In Lahore On Installments. Where many people were quick in booking a plot and initiating the construction work, few are seen waiting for the right time to purchase a plot. The major reason is the insufficient budget for the amount of money that one requires to complete the purchasing cycle. But the developers have offered a solution in shape of installments to ease up the difficulties of their buyers. Come, let’s explore what you can expect when opting for the housing scheme in Lahore on installments.




One of the benefits that one can expect from the new housing scheme in Lahore on installments is that you are not bound by a certain percentage to book the plot. Yes, that’s true! If you opt for a plot on installment, you can avail this relaxation to reduce the booking amount to your budget and pay as low as 15 to 25 percent of total price of the land. This allows you to select the perfect plot that meets your constructional needs without worrying about the payment problems. Simply pay the booking amount, secure the slot and start paying the monthly installments as per decided terms.




When it comes to decide the EMI for the plot, the developers would have already decided a pattern to follow. Suppose, you book a 5 Marla plot by paying 25% in account of booking amount then all you have to pay is the remaining 75% in easy monthly installments. Now, if the total price of the land is about 30 lacs and you pay 7.5 lack advance as the booking amount, then you shall be paying remaining 22.5 lacs in installments. You can customize the monthly payments according to your budget and the number of months. If you agree to pay the remaining amount in 5 year’s installment plans, you’d be paying about Rs. 37,500/- per month as the EMI of the plot. Do consult this matter with your property agent before booking the plot.




What entices the buyers for housing schemes in Lahore on installments is the facility to build their houses as they pay the EMIs. Usually, the developers ask the buyers to wait until a year or so to get the land’s possession. During this time, they basically complete the development work like underground electrification, sewerage system and other essential things that you use during your residence. Once these tasks have been addressed, you can initiate the construction of your house with a confidence. This means you can achieve your dream of owning a house in almost 3 years and pay rest of the payment after possession of the land.




The current economic challenges are not hidden from anyone and the developers arrange for an appropriate solution to address this issue. If you find a suitable land for your construction in one of the housing schemes in Lahore on installments, you can avail the option of home finance and pay the amount in installments. The representatives of that particular housing scheme would happily guide you to apply for the loan and obtain the land’s possession.

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