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Update For Al-Falah Cooperative Housing Society

1. Engagement of Developer/Partner


In order to expedite the process of development in short time frame, after the concurrence of regulator, MC has decided to proactively engage a developer before submission of layout plan. Furthermore, to ensure transparency in the selection of a developer, an advertisement was published in daily Business Recorder & Nawa e Waqt on Apr 12, 2017 and in daily Jang and Dawn on April 13, 2017. Our selection criterions for a developer are the one who can:-


i. Develop the Housing Scheme at minimum DHA-VI standards
ii. Manage funds from own source for more than 50% of initial development against surplus assets of society.
iii. Arrange all required approvals/NOCs for development of society.
iv. Complete the development work within the time span of three years.
v. Facilitate the society in the resolution of all the problems/issues pertaining to development, arising during planning and development.


2.  Permission for Planning


In order to apply for the planning permission, Geotechnical Investigation Survey of land has been completed by a Govt. agency and we have received a satisfactory report from the competent authorities. Secondly, the land ownership record (i.e. Fard) has been computerized by the Revenue Department. However, some fards are in delay due to the rectification of computerized record and we will hopefully submit the permission for the planning application in LDA shortly.


3.  Acquisition of land


There are two types of un-acquired pockets in our land. One, which is essential for the sustainability of our connectivity as a society; thus, we have requested the Govt. to acquire such pockets (about 17 Acres) for us under the Land Acquisition Act (LAA). We are pleased to inform that after continuous follow up and with the help of our friends, the Govt. has accepted our request and published a notification in the Punjab Gazette on March 07, 2017 under LAA u/s 4 and it is now under further process.

The second type of pockets includes the land that is required to reduce the wastage of land and to avoid odd-shaped plots. This land will also be helpful to cover the shortfall of land in semi-restricted area to meet with additional and mandatory requirement imposed by LDA. This requirement is also being dealt by your MC.


4.  Hiring of Consultant for Town Planning and Engineering Design


In response to our advertisement for the hiring of consultant to prepare layout plan and engineering designs of our scheme, sixteen firms applied. After scrutiny, a contract has been signed with M/s Mott MacDonald Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. (MMP) and the consultants have started their work.

5.  Transfer of Plot Rights


Previously it was mandatory for the transferor as well as the transferee to personally appear in Society’s Office for transfer of plots. The expatriates have been facilitated by making amendment in the transfer policy of the plots. Now they can authorize any person to represent them for purchase. Formalities will be completed and final transfer letter will be issued on transferee’s presence, after taking his/her photograph and biometric impressions. Similarly, for sale of plots, members abroad can now appoint a General Attorney; documents to be attested by the Pakistan Embassy or Consulate and then registered in Pakistan.

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