About Konstruct Marketing

Konstruct Marketing established its operations in 2000 by having the aspiration to fulfill the gaps of Real Estate sector in marketing services and after a very short span of time Konstruct Marketing have achieved extensive success. Konstruct Marketing is a trusted brand in real estate Industry.

Konstruct Marketing knows the needs & desires of their clients, investors & highly professional developers. The teams have embraced technological advances and have recognized the importance of strategically grasping an evolving concept of the market.

Konstruct Marketing does this through unparalleled expertise, innovation and execution. This razor-sharp focus allows consistently outperforming competitors and maximizing value at every step of the process. That’s why leading real estate developers and financial partners of the country rely on Konstruct’s unrivaled understanding of market.

Our Mission

The mission of Konstruct marketing is to offer superior products and services in the real estate sector by developing innovative solutions that help the clients, builders and developers. Konstruct Marketing takes pride in providing its clients with plots and wonderful housing opportunities, and its investor friends with a superior rate of return associated with the rising prices of prime real estate.


Konstruct Marketing helps you to visualize and forecast the result of your investments clearly, thus reducing the uncertainty that is considered a hallmark of real estate business and investments in Pakistan.

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