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5 Profitable Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

In this economic stress and era of financial instability, everyone is seen looking for alternative income streams. The family commitments and increases prices have compelled everyone to plan about more means of income to survive in today’s unpredictable economy. In this post, we’ve tried to discuss Investment Opportunities in Pakistan that are safe, profitable and have minimum risk. And we hope that you’ll find the below mentioned options useful to make the right investment and expect a sizable income stream.




The currency trade is not a new phenomenon and it doesn’t require any certification or license to get into the industry. You just need two essential things i.e. money and patience to kick start your journey into the currency exchange world. If you have a lac rupees, you may purchase popular currency notes including GBP, USD and Euro and wait for few weeks until their prices go up. Later, when you feel that the prices have increased to a considerable figure you may sell them out to any exchanger. The profit in this buying and selling cycle would be the difference between purchasing and selling prices. Suppose, you purchase $100 at PKR 100/- and sell it on the rate of PKR 125/- then your profit is PKR 2500/-.




Don’t want to do any calculations? Don’t worry, let’s head towards another safe option in our list of investment opportunities in Pakistan. Mutual funds – a way of pooling small amount of finances and later invest them into a profitable business activity with a promise of regular returns. You can reach any asset management company operating in your city, fill out the form and deposit the amount on a CDC’s guarantee that monitors all the operations run by the company. If your priorities are to invest your money with limited (or nearly zero percent) risk then you may select fixed monthly income option when investing your money in mutual funds.




One of the oldest and safest means of generating lucrative income is to invest in gold. Yes, gold which is one of the most precious metals present on our planet Earth. The gold prices are influenced by different factors but you’ll rarely witness a significant fall in the price of gold (per gram). You can purchase gold jewelry and deposit in the bank (or keep it safe in your home) and wait for the time to pass. The gold prices are updated each month and you can expect a considerable increase in its price after 6 months (or 1 year maximum). You can, then at that point, contact a goldsmith and sell it out on updated rates. The profit margins are same like we just discussed in currency exchange method above.




Want some security when investing your money? Don’t worry, we have a perfect option for you to try – prize bonds. You may purchase bonds directly from the State Bank of Pakistan, and count on your luck if you could hit the bull’s eye with a lottery number. If you manage to secure a slot in first 3 slots, you would be receiving up to 1.5 million rupees. And even if you fail to hit that spot, your money is not going anywhere as you can reclaim the currency notes from the State Bank of Pakistan upon showing the bond at any given time.




Coming down to the safest and most lucrative investment opportunities in Pakistan, the real estate sector is another option to invest your money and expect a profit after few months (or years, maybe). You don’t need to invest on the construction, just purchase a plot in one of new housing schemes of the city and wait for the right time. If you’ve made the right choice during the selection of housing scheme, your plot’s price would be doubled by the year end and you can sell it out and recover your investment, simple.


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