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Investing in a plot is considered one of the safest options in Pakistan due to land appreciation factor. You purchase a piece of land for 5 lacs, you’ll get around 12 to 15 lacs in coming years. This simple idea entices many individuals with a considerable amount of money that they want to double along with a security on their investment. Where Investment Property has its perks in Pakistan, it also has negative sides that you should know as an investor. So we jotted down useful tips to help you familiarize with a safe investment property in Pakistan.




Whether your plan is to construct a building on that land or you intend to sell it out for a good amount, the sewerage element impacts on your land’s overall image. As a land owner, it is your right to ask the developing authority to maintain a sound sewerage system within the housing scheme. This is important in various aspects as no one would want to reside or visit a place that is home to wastage and open gutters. Now imagine if you plan to sell the plot out and invite potential parties to visit the site but again the severe sewerage condition is creating issues for you.




Clean drinking water is a blessing and sadly it has become scarce even in big cities let along towns and villages. When you make an investment in one of leading housing scheme of Pakistan, make sure it has arranged for consumable drinking water for its residents. This, however, does not impact on your land’s value directly but it has a significant importance from the living standard viewpoint. Now if you reside in that constructed building or rent it out, you’ll be confronted with the arrangement of drinking water facility issue several times. So make sure it is already arranged by the developing authorities instead of you struggling for it after the purchase.




The condition of electricity production and load shedding issues are not hidden from the nation of Pakistan. But the new housing authorities ensure that their customers would enjoy uninterrupted flow of electricity with in-house power stations. So when you’re hunting for an ideal housing scheme in Pakistan, make sure it has its own power station for catering to the load shedding problem in a decent manner.




One very essential aspect of a safe investment property in Pakistan is that if the housing scheme has clearance from relevant land development authorities? As an investor/buyer, it is your duty to ensure that you’re investing your money in a legally approved housing scheme. If you fail to do so, you are actually risking your money by investing into that plot.




Time never stays at one point and anything can be expected in coming 6 months from today. To make the state better and livable, the government authorities take different measures in terms of development programs and promotion of private sector construction. This all serves to increment in the value of land with the passage of time. A good practice is to consider the value of your plot in terms of progressive activities in the surrounding.

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