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Owning a property in a city like Lahore is one of the hardest milestones to achieve given the complex financial challenges of a middleclass citizen. That’s why some developers plan to offer plots on installments in Lahore to ease up the challenges this class that is huge in number. The idea of offering plots on installments looks enticing to many but there are some sensitive aspects that you shouldn’t overlook. So we thought why not dedicate today’s post to discuss the essential aspects that the buyers (YOU) should crosscheck before opting for the ideal Plots On Installments In Lahore.




One of the first metrics that you should use as a base to check society’s authenticity is to see who the developers are. There are noted names in the market that have been constructing housing schemes for years and do not need any verification due to the positive perception in market. Then, there are those that re starting out as a new company or have had earned a bad name in a past project that increases the suspicion on their offering. So it is very important for you as a buyer to see if the developers are trustable when it comes to plots on installments in Lahore or not?




While planning to purchase plots on installment in Lahore, one of the essential aspects that you should look is the possession time of the land. Those societies that offer the facility to purchase plots on installment basis must give you possession after 6 month or 1 year so that you may initiate the construction along with paying the installments. If you’re asked to clear the installments first before getting the possession, you’re basically risking your time and money by opting for that plot. Instead of agreeing on such suspicious condition, you must look for another society that has flexible conditions both for installments and the possession time period.




When it comes to purchasing plots on installments in Lahore, one must know the right installment duration that is in line with the paying capacity of the buyer. The rule is simple, the more you pay in advance, the less you can ask for installment amount each month. The lower you pay in installments, the more you may allocate for saving to pay for the construction once you obtain the possession of the land. So it is wise to discuss the EMI beforehand so you may plan for the plot in a strategic and budget friendly manner.




If the society is new, you must have to wait for at least one year until the land is ready for further construction. And during this time, you would be asked to pay for development charges that are usually included into your installment amount. But it is wise to calculate the development charges separately so you may know the total amount you’ll be paying when purchasing plots on installments in Lahore. If you have no previous experience with land price calculation or development charges, you may speak with the society’s representative and ask him to guide you through the whole process.

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